Everything created on-site is small batch, made by hand in true Artisanal style!

Our approach to distilling stems from decades spent in fine dining establishments; sourcing quality Australian produce, using what’s in season & to season lightly.

We love connecting with farms & producers directly to find Australian grown. We both are passionate about the land, which has not only come from the influence of our career choice but our families who grow what they can. We happily use fruits, herbs and flowers directly from our gardens.

Our aim is to produce a range of small batch beverages from what we can source from within a day’s drive. Some batches are so small they are only served behind the bar and found in our cocktails for a limited time.

Real Fruit Seltzers 

Made with real fruit, we produce a range of seasonal seltzers that showcase fruit & flowers natural flavours. We allow natural sugars to be left behind to create our unique style of seltzer. Some of our seasonal flavours found on tap include:
  • Elderflower & Lemon
  • Rhubarb, Rose Geranium & Lemon
  • Blood Orange & Passionfruit
  • Green Apple & Yuzu
  • Blueberry & Vanilla
  • Strawberry & Lime

Green Apple & Yuzu
Blueberry & Vanilla
Strawberry & Lime

Elderflower & Lemon
Rhubarb, Rose Geranium & Lemon
Blood Orange & Passionfruit

Green Apple & Yuzu
Blueberry & Vanilla
Strawberry & Lime

Craft Beers

Proudly using Australian grown & malted barley from Voyager Malts found in the NSW Riverina. We have created a small list of craft beers that are enjoyable as a table beer with a meal or simply enjoyed alone. Our list includes some Old Salt staples and seasonal releases:

Camperdown Cold: A light coloured beer designed to be easy drinking with a crisp finish

Belgium Pale Ale: Influenced by a Belgium style beer, its smooth, malty with little bitterness

IPA: American style IPA, well bodied with tropical aromas from Australian & US hops.

Old Boy Lager: A malt driven Australian lager, complex with big malt flavour.

Seasonal Fruit Sour: Traditional Berliner Weiss, left to sour in the kettle and finished with seasonal fruit providing its natural colour & flavour.

Milk Chocolate Stout: Served on nitro, smooth, creamy with a chocolate finish.


In addition to all the alcoholic beverages we produce a small variety of non alcoholic sodas. We love rediscovering classic recipes from yesteryear and produce our own gingerbeer, tonic and lemon squash. We also enjoy experimenting with other forms of fermentation by brewing our own kombucha and creating new soda flavours.


Making a move from Sydney to the Shoalhaven to follow their dream to open Old Salt Distillery

Our spirits

Small Batch Spirits all carefully handcrafted to create a style that is definitive of Old Salt.


Very relaxed dining experience, come in for snacks or a complete meal. Beverages on tap, cocktails and a wine list are just the beginning…